Park your bike easily, quickly and safely

By storing your bike via the ParkMyBike app, it will be safe all day long. Safes are easy to use and can be reserved in advance.

Smart Bicycle Parking

Do you manage bicycle lockers or bike garages and want to efficiently manage them remotely? With our hardware modules and software, you gain a clear overview of all lockers, including their usage and maintenance.

Our hardware is flexible and compatible with various types of locks, and we also provide customized solutions tailored to your specific needs.

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Key Benefits at a Glance

No Key Management or Administration

Eliminate the need for physical keys and time-consuming billing processes.

Suitable for All Types of Locks

Our system is compatible with almost any lock, from cylinder locks to electronic and Bluetooth locks. Or use our own ParkMyBike SmartLock.

Battery, Solar Power, or Mains Electricity

We offer various power supply options. Together, we will choose the right solution for your situation.

Flexible Rental Options

Opt for one-time use, a personal subscription, or a business solution.

Suitable for Every Type of Bicycle Parking

Whether parking indoors or outdoors, in lockers or larger facilities, our system can accommodate.

User-Friendly Software

Our software makes it easy for both users and managers to interact with lockers through an intuitive app and a powerful dashboard.

Our Smart Mobility Solution Contributes to Sustainability

ParkMyBike promotes a healthy and sustainable environment by providing secure bicycle lockers. This encourages people to more frequently cycle to public transportation options, increasing the use of eco-friendly transport methods. With ParkMyBike, we make sustainable travel not only possible but also more appealing.

App for consumers

Bike safe app

The app is available on Android and Apple devices. It is simple, fast and user-friendly.

Fast and easy to use

Do you need a bike lock? No problem! Our app makes it easy to find and use any bike safe near you, wherever you are

Pay without hassle

Because we know you're busy, we've made renting a bike safe as easy as possible. Payment can therefore be made quickly, safely and without hassle. Still have questions? You can easily contact us via the ParkMyBike app so we can answer all your questions.

App for maintenance

Same app, different type of account

As an administrator, you can easily manage the bike safes from a mobile device through the included maintenance app. No additional app download is required for this. Easily log in to the ParkMyBike with a special account for maintenance and get access to all functionalities for maintenance employees.

Fast and easy to use

Our maintenance management solution is simple and easy to use. With the ParkMyBike app for maintenance you can always check the status of your bike safes.

In the app you can see, among other things, whether a safe is open or closed, whether there is a bike in the safe and whether maintenance is required - so you don't even have to be on location!

Admin Dashboard

Dashboard for computers & tablets

As an administrator, you are always looking for ways to make your job easier. That is why we built the ParkMyBike dashboard. The dashboard allows you to diagnose and resolve issues remotely. This includes problems with the safe and the status of reservations and payments.

In the dashboard you can see all your vaults in different locations, open and close the vaults, and receive notifications, among other things. You can see at a glance how each safe is functioning and thus direct your maintenance teams where necessary.

Administration in an instant

All your bicycle lockers connected to one central hub. Easily view the status, receive notifications and take care of maintenance. One overview of the condition of all your bike safes, always at hand.

Using the bike lockers is that easy

The ParkMyBike app is used every day with great pleasure and ease. The province of Drenthe shows how easy it really is.

Want to know more about our solution?

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