The Missing Link

Looking to smarten up your bicycle parking solutions? Our hardware modules and ParkMyBike app & dashboard simplify the use and management of bicycle lockers and bike garages.

We offer a variety of hardware modules. For every scenario, there is a fitting solution available.

Smart Bicycle Parking

Do you manufacture bicycle lockers or other bicycle parking facilities and want to manage them remotely? With our hardware controllers and software solutions, you have comprehensive oversight and control over all lockers and bike garages, their usage, and maintenance.

Our hardware modules are adaptable for various situations and accommodate different types of locks. Additionally, we provide customized solutions tailored to your public space products.

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Supported locks

  • ParkMyBike SmartLock
  • Southco R4-EM-R11-161
  • Maasland SP00U
  • Kerong KR-S70

Get acquainted with a new smart key. Our univeral ParkMyBike SmartLock, powered by EVVA technology, fits on all standard euro cylinder locks. Provides you with the freedom and security you need in today's mobile world.

Bluetooth® conection

Offers a keyless access solution through our ParkMyBike app, allowing the end user easy access to storage or lockers.

Independent of the internet

Reliable access without the need for an internet connection, ideal for locations with limited connectivity. Only the end user's phone needs an internet connection.

Our first step in the bike safe market was with this Southco lock. A high-quality zinc lock with excellent support.

Push to Close Latch

The Southco R4-EM-R11-161 is an Electronic Rotary Push-to-Close Latch lock. The lock closes as soon as it latches on the door.


The lock is equipped with Auto-Relock and a sensor to signal whether the lock is open or closed. It is made of stainless steel and zinc and is finished with a chrome housing.

The Maasland SP00U lock is smaller than the other locks and therefore ideal for safes and sheds with less free space. Ideal for automatic doors because it is universally applicable to left or right hand doors.

Radial lock

The recess for the lock needs to be minimal. It is an electric door opener with a 2.5mm adjustable bolt catch that rotates in its own housing. In addition, the total housing is only 16mm wide.


The stainless steel lock is fitted with stainless steel mounting screws. The lock is also equipped with a latchbolt signaling to read whether the lock is open or closed.

The Kerong KR-S70 lock is very similar to the Southco lock, so we can guarantee support for locks like this.

Push to Close

The Kerong KR-S70 is a Push-to-Close lock that opens electronically. This means that the lock is closed when the part attached to the door is pushed into the housing.


The lock is IP65 waterproof made of stainless steel and zinc, finished with a matte chrome housing. Equipped with a sensor to detect if the lock is closed

Is your lock not listed?

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Hardware management

The management of the hardware module can be done completely remotely. As long as the module has power, it can be monitored via 2G, 3G and 4G. This allows updates, improvements and any bug fixes to be implemented and dealt with quickly.

Because the hardware module can be managed completely remotely, defects can be resolved even faster and safety for users is guaranteed.

About the Hardware

  • ParkMyBike SmartLock
  • ParkMyBike Connector BT
  • ParkMyBike Connector 3G
Ports1 lock
ConnectivityConnection via smartphone with Bluetooth
Ports4 Ports available for locks
ConnectivityConnection via smartphone with Bluetooth
Ports8 Ports available for locks
Power12-24v supply
1 Ampere
Dimensions200mm Length x 120mm Width x 75mm Depth
AntennaIncluded, standard external installation on the locker.
Option for internal installation within the locker, provided there is sufficient reception
ConnectivityCellular connection with all providers via 2G/3G/4G
Coverage throughout Europe

App for consumers

Bike safe app

The app is available on Android and Apple devices. It is simple, fast and user-friendly.

Fast and easy to use

Do you need a bike lock? No problem! Our app makes it easy to find and use any bike safe near you, wherever you are

Pay without hassle

Because we know you're busy, we've made renting a bike safe as easy as possible. Payment can therefore be made quickly, safely and without hassle. Still have questions? You can easily contact us via the ParkMyBike app so we can answer all your questions.

App for maintenance

Same app, different type of account

As an administrator, you can easily manage the bike safes from a mobile device through the included maintenance app. No additional app download is required for this. Easily log in to the ParkMyBike with a special account for maintenance and get access to all functionalities for maintenance employees.

Fast and easy to use

Our maintenance management solution is simple and easy to use. With the ParkMyBike app for maintenance you can always check the status of your bike safes.

In the app you can see, among other things, whether a safe is open or closed, whether there is a bike in the safe and whether maintenance is required - so you don't even have to be on location!

Admin Dashboard

Dashboard for computers & tablets

As an administrator, you are always looking for ways to make your job easier. That is why we built the ParkMyBike dashboard. The dashboard allows you to diagnose and resolve issues remotely. This includes problems with the safe and the status of reservations and payments.

In the dashboard you can see all your vaults in different locations, open and close the vaults, and receive notifications, among other things. You can see at a glance how each safe is functioning and thus direct your maintenance teams where necessary.

Administration in an instant

All your bicycle lockers connected to one central hub. Easily view the status, receive notifications and take care of maintenance. One overview of the condition of all your bike safes, always at hand.

Support throughout Europe

Always close by with our solution, wherever you or the bicycle lockers are.

Thanks to the dashboard and the maintenance app, you always have management at hand. Our combination of the hardware module and the software makes it possible to manage bicycle lockers throughout Europe.

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