ParkMyBike SmartLock

Easy, Safe and Smart

Get acquainted with a new smart key. Our ParkMyBike SmartLock, powered by EVVA technology, provides you with the freedom and security you need in today's mobile world. The SmartLock communicates via bluetooth® with the cyclist's smartphone. This means the lock does not need an internet connection and its battery lasts a long time.


Bluetooth® connection

Offers a keyless access solution through our ParkMyBike app, allowing the end user easy access to bike lockers or storages.

Long-lasting battery

Because of the energy-efficient technology, the battery lasts a long time, reducing maintenance and increasing the reliability of your parking facilities.

Independent of the internet

Reliable access without the need of an internet connection, ideal for locations with limited connectivity. Only the end user's phone needs an internet connection.

Universal applicability

Designed to seamlessly fit on any standard euro cylinder, making it the ideal choice for virtually any bike locker or storage.

Maximum security

Eliminate the risk of lost or copied keys with a secure, digital access solution. The access and connection is secured with the highest and smartest security standards.


How can I as a manufacturer integrate the ParkMyBike SmartLock into my existing product line?

How does the SmartLock work together with the ParkMyBike-platform for a streamlined experience?

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